Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One More Thing.....

Another favor I'd like to ask of you who join us in reading The Book of Mormon.  Get a dictionary!  I learned this lesson a while back while singing that sweet Primary song, I Am A Child Of God.  One phrase struck me very notably that day, "help me to understand His words before it grows too late."  I couldn't stop thinking about that and later, when I was reading the scriptures I got out my dictionary and looked up the definition of some of the words.

I was reading Helaman's account of he and the Stripling Warriors.  They were starving, short-handed, out numbered and outside.  The Lamanites were fed, numerous and inside.  Inside fortifications.  Helaman and his "sons" prayed and received assurance and faith that they would be delivered.  I got out the dictionary and looked up delivered.  I was taught much by reading the definition of such a simple, familiar word.

Deliver has three meanings that were instructive.  One is to assist in the birth of.  The Savior assists in our birth into a newness of life.  Another definition is to liberate or set free.  The Savior can deliver us from the bondage of sin and death.  Finally, deliver means to convey to a desired location.  At that time this definition had significant meaning for me because I was a UPS driver and that's what I did for a living, I delivered packages.  In the case of Helaman and the Stripling Warriors I could see the first two definitions quite clearly, especially the second.  But it wasn't until days later, when I read the story of the Jaredites that the third definition came clearly into my mind.  Essentially, the Jaredites built eight boxes, packaged themselves inside, addressed them to the Promised Land and "shipped" themselves to their desired destination.  They entrusted themselves to God and He delivered them to their destination.  So it must be with each of us.

I hope my little example demonstrates the great power of understanding His words.  I believe He selects them very carefully, shall we not seek to understand them with equal care.

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