Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's Read The Book of Mormon Together

On the 15th of October, I'm going to start reading The Book of Mormon again. Won't you join me?

I intend to read one chapter each day and comment on things that impress me as I read. I'd love for you to read and comment as well. John Bytheway has often said, "If you want to talk to God - Pray, if you want God to talk to you - Read your scriptures." If we take the time to write and ponder what we've learned as we read, we will be favored with more and deeper understanding. We will be taught by the Spirit. Some of that will be personal and should be kept in your own, private journal, but much could edify each of us and I hope you'll be willing to share that portion here.

I have read this great book dozens of times. Each time I do, I learn much, that I had not previously understood. I think I could learn a lot from each of you as well and that we could really enjoy the journey together.

Whether, you've never read it, or are reading for the 1ooth time, I'd like to hear your impressions as you enjoy the Word of God.

If you would please, leave a comment to let me know who you are and that you intend to join me. If you are interested, by all means invite your friends! We'll have a great, inspiring, time together!


Pink Daisy said...

This is a good kick in the patootie I need to get my personal scripture reading back on track! Thanks for starting it, and I look forward to commenting my maybe-not-so-deep, yet I'm-still-learning thoughts.

Jay said...

". . . goodly parents . . ." is where I began. I'll go back, but can I assume we will follow the listing, or outline as it appears under the Book of Mormon tab above?

Candleman said...

Yes, Jay, when we get into that actual chapters, we'll just do one each day. Sorry for throwing a wrench in that system.

D1Warbler said...

Thoughts on the Title Page to the Book of Mormon:

I think the key to the whole Book of Mormon is that it was written by commandment to people who have been commanded to read it!

A commandment is often given to help us to control our thoughts and desires as well as our acts. A commandment from the Lord thus is given to help us. Thus, if the Lord commanded that the Book of Mormon be writen -- he wanted the book to help us -- which is also why he commanded that we read it!

Anonymous said...

hey..... I'am Crystal.

I believe in every thing that is said in this book of Mormon and do believe the things it says aspecially like there is another place like this but with no pain or evil and every thing is good and that hell is outer darkness and there is no return from it, i also believe that you have a choice to do good and bad and one day will be with god him self i think the book of Mormon is the best thing every one should take the time and learn gods true meaning of life and what we will do when we leave earth one day take care all and believe what this book says be good and love god and for give god for the things he does because if you do he will for give you for the things you do wrong take care later....