Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Moroni - Chapter 8

When our first daughter was born we were best friends with a couple next door.  They were Catholic.  They had expressed concern that we had not had her baptized.  When the baby was three weeks old they suggested we have a night out together while they babysat.  It sounded good to us.  We went out and had a great time relaxing.  Upon our arrival home we sensed some tension in the air.  We asked if anything was wrong and our friends guiltily confessed that they had sneaked our daughter down to the Priest and had her christened.  They were sure we'd be angry and were quite surprised that our reaction was one of love and understanding.

Certain that if our daughter died before baptism, she'd be going to Hell, and loving her almost as much as we do, they could bear taking the risk.  We thought that was such a kind, loving gesture.  We were also sad that though we had explained the beauty of the truth that little children are alive in Christ, this fine young couple had been so indoctrinated by such a horrifyingly false teaching that they feared for her eternal life.  How, corrupt and manipulative that false doctrine is.  How many parents have gone to the grave supposing their sweet children are lost for ever?  What a bitter pill to swallow.  What a joy, to know God is no respecter of persons.  That he would never condemn a child who through no fault of her own died without baptism.  Gratefully, the same is true of all those who never had opportunity for baptism, which constitutes the vast majority of those who've come to earth.  What hideous doctrine would that be.  It certainly would have to be called The Plan of Damnation, were it true, for the vast majority would certainly be lost.

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