Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moroni - Chapter 9

"Because of their willfulness...."  This chapter is all about what happens when we seek life on our own terms.  Surely, at some point it became obvious that they were in the process of destroying themselves, not their enemies.  Yet so determined were they to have things their way, they wound up with no way at all.

Our world is not there yet, but it is evident that we are headed in that direction.  There become more and more of the willful among us.  The only fix for this is for us, individually, to choose humility over pride.  We may be early enough in the cycle of destruction that inevitably follows pride wherever it goes, that we will have the blessed opportunity to be humbled by affliction; but maybe not.  Wouldn't it be better if we willingly submitted our wills to that of the Father now, rather than later?

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