Friday, April 30, 2010

Alma - Chapter 30

I think of Korihor often when I consider my recovery from addiction.  I made every attempt to recover according to the management of the creature.  I used my genius to study and learn about ways to escape my problems.  I tried repeated times to conquer my compulsion to sin using my own strength.  In every case I failed, that is until I applied the precious blood of Christ.  The Atonement is the only hope for sinners like me.

Now, I'm struggling to find employment and a means to care for my family.  I just realized that I've returned to Korihor's methods and for quite some time, those methods have failed me.  Once again, in another facet of my life, it is time to apply the Atonement.  It is after all an infinite Atonement and therefore, covers every aspect of our lives.  How slow I have been to understand this.  Colleen Harrison calls my backwards approach Spiritual Dyslexia.  Putting our strength and efforts before the application of the Atonement rather than after.  It's like refusing to go to the doctor until after we've healed ourselves.

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