Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alma - Chapter 28

I often wonder about the thoughts of those Nephite families who lost loved ones as they defended the People of Ammon.  It would be so easy for them to become bitter and full of blame.

Similarly, how do we react to losses in our own lives?  Is it easy for us to become bitter and place blame?  Things like:  "If that Scoutmaster had done his job, my son wouldn't be in this predicament."  If those Sisters would just do their visiting teaching, we could be the best Relief Society in the Church."  The list could go on and on.

I remember hearing Stephen R. Covey referring to missionaries as midwives in the rebirth process.  That was startling to me.  Midwifery, from my perspective is a difficult, thankless, inconvenient job.  Yet at that moment of delivery, after all the travail, literally blood sweat and tears, there is little more rewarding.  It helped me this morning to think of that when I thought of those who gave their lives for the sake of the reborn Lamanites and also thought of their widows and orphans.  They were also midwives in the rebirth of the People of Ammon.  It wasn't convenient, easy or glorifying.  Rather is was grimy, difficult sacrifice with a different kind of reward.

When I am wont to criticize others in the kingdom, which usually comes in the form of blame, perhaps it is because they have in some way made my life inconvenient.  Perhaps I need to remember that the Scoutmaster may have been called for his own growth and progress as much as that of my son and that I need to defend him rather than condemn him.  Maybe I can midwife his rebirth - even if it is a sacrifice.  There are other factors in my son's difficulties and perhaps even with a perfect Scoutmaster he might have wandered off course, just as the Lamanites may have come upon the Nephites regardless of the presence of the Ammonites.

Note:  I have departed from the employment that kept me away and hope to be consistently proceeding through The Book of Mormon again.  You have all been so understanding and supportive.  I may have lost you all, who've probably moved on in my absence.  That's okay, who could blame you.  Still, I need this commitment and will carry on.

Note:  My Scoutmaster example is only that.  I don't even have a son.

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Aleen said...

Hooray! You're resuming your "Book of Mormon Today" posts, Candleman. I am thankful that you're sharing your "light" with us again. . .

Are you able to email those that are signed up to follow this blog? That would bring them back immediately, I'm certain. Thank you again! Have a wonderful weekend with your precious family.