Friday, February 19, 2010


I've just accepted a job that will take me away from the internet for 8 days at a time.  I'll be working as a Wilderness Counselor with troubled youth.  No internet in the wilderness.  This makes a daily entry impractical if not impossible.  If any of you would like to cover the 8 days I'm gone, I'd be happy to cover the 6 days I have off in between shifts.  If not, I guess I'll have to abandon this wonderful experience.  As you are aware, I've struggled to keep up of late.  I've worked two jobs the past week and that and shift work have thrown a wrench in my availability.

So you know, I've not missed reading, just blogging about it.  Thanks for your support and for going along with me on this project.  Again, if someone wants to take over or assist, that would be great!




D1Warbler said...

If no one wants to take over the blog, I suggest we just continue it on the days you are available. I'm patient and I think others probably are, too.

PS: Congratulations on the new job. Those kids are really going to be blessed.

Aleen said...

I agree that it would be awesome to have your comments whenever you can post them, Candleman. They've been such a blessing and encouragement to me and I would miss them very much if you just ended this unselfish, charitable endeavor. . .

Congratulations on your valuable employment opportunity. Thanks for your inspiring blogs, Myke!

Carol (Mehr) Simpson said...

I, for one, miss your comments and insights. I, too, have continued reading. I've found myself really searching each verse and looking for daily lessons in each chapter that I can apply to my life daily. You've also helped me learn how to look for lessons learned about the world we live in. Do you plan on starting up again?