Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alma - Chapter 18

It had never occurred to me before that at that time Jehovah was a spirit having not yet received a body.  It seems significant that He had progressed to Godhood in his first estate.
I like the statement describing Ammon as "wise, yet harmless."  After what happened at the waters of Sebus, I suppose there are those who'd disagree.  I don't, those others only dashed themselves upon the rocks of their own wickedness.   I think we can agree from our perspective that being powerful and wise, yet harmless was a wonderful characteristic of this great missionary.  I think wise and powerful, yet harmless is a pretty good definition of meekness.  Ammon was successful because he was Christlike.

I love how Ammon had the courage to teach difficult doctrine.  I remember on my mission I had a hard time teaching tithing.  I had always paid my tithing, but I can't say I was fully converted to the principle.  In my mind, this could be a deal breaker.  I would think, "These people are poor and they're going to have a hard time parting with 10% of their income!"  Still, many did accept the law of tithing and some of those strengthened my testimony of tithing and also of faith, trust and commitment.  Being that weak, I'd have had a hard time telling Lamoni of Laman and Lemuel's departure from the truth.  The other stuff would have been easy, but getting right down to the elephant in the room, takes courage and conviction.  I'd like to think now, I that I'd be more like Ammon.  Clearly, we need to give investigators a little more credit than my "natural man instincts" would.  His sheep truly hear His voice and the truth resonates in honest hearts.  Even "difficult" truth.

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