Friday, February 12, 2010

Alma - Chapter 24

It was a pretty easy principle to swallow when Ammon told Lamoni's father that it would be better if Lamoni were slain than he, in his wickedness.  Now we translate that same principle to the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's.  If I put myself in their position the principle is a little harder to swallow.  Now it is more personal, "It is better if I die that you, if you have not yet repented."

I personally think this is the feeling of these Lamanites.  They have come to know the love and forgiveness of a loving Father.  They are grateful beyond measure for that sweet remission of their sins.  The would never wish to offend Him again.  AND they like the Sons of Mosiah, cannot bear that a soul should go to his grave in a state of wickedness.

The beautiful result of that commitment was the conversion of more than a thousand more of their enemies.  I wonder if we don't place too much weight on living in mortality.  As precious and joyful as it is, in reality it but a moment in Eternity and such a decision to live or die can sometimes have such enormous consequences.  Consequences that might endure forever.

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