Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Alma - Chapter 34

I look back on my life this morning and wonder how well I've done at praying.  How often have I gone to work and failed to requeste the blessing of the Lord upon my endeavors.  How often have I trusted in the arm of the flesh instead of seeking God's divine assistance with my efforts.  '

I have always loved this chapter and Amulek's admonition to pray.  I think sometimes I didn't see beyond the words.  When I think of his encouragement to cry unto God in your fields, I wonder if I considered all of my fields.  I'm sure I cried unto him in the mission field.  Not so much in the oil field.  They say even atheists tend to pray on the battle field.  How about the banking field, the welding field, the teaching field...?  Perhaps I should have spent less time seeking to outstanding in my field and more time out kneeling in my field.  Perhaps that's why I no longer have much of a field.

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