Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alma - Chapter 35

The machinery of arrogance and wealth feeds on the poor and under privileged.  The haves tend to maintain the existence of the have nots.  The wealth of the rich is often built upon the backs of the poor.  I suspect the Zoramites sought to discipline the converted poor by threatening to kick them out.  It looks like that backfired, because with their new found faith, the poor actually left.  To save face, the wealthy let them go, but sought to get them rejected wherever they went.  They didn't want to actually lose them.  They needed them in order to maintain their life style.  They threatened anyone who offered them a home.  Their intention?  To force them to come back with their tails between their legs, willing to compliantly go back into servitude.

The recent recession has hurt the average worker in America, but recent reports show that since the Wall Street fiasco, the rich have only grown richer.  A careful look at government policies on immigration, taxation, education, agriculture and economics all make it clear that the wealthy and powerful are determined to establish, maintain and grow a population of poor among us.  Not only have the poor become fodder for the engines of wealth, they've become fodder for the political machinery of the powerful.

The Book of Mormon is a quiet reminder that faith, conviction, courage and compassion will prevail in such a societal climate.  It probably won't be easy, but those who make right choices can overcome the dominance of those who would rule over us in wickedness.

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