Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mosiah - Chapter 1

When I think of King Benjamin I also think of Enoch.  In one generation they lead the people to peace and righteousness.  It makes me wonder about us.  I remember one time suggesting that we ought to be pursuing such a course ourselves.  The reply I got from one church leader startled me.  He said, "If Enoch had the same bunch of losers, that I've been saddled with, he wouldn't have succeeded either."  I think he's wrong.  I think neither Enoch nor Benjamin had any better qualified souls to work with than we have with us right here, right now.  Now, you and I may not be Kings or Prophets, but we are Primary Teachers and Young Men Advisers.  We are Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers.  We are parents.  We can have an Enoch, or Benjamin like influence on our own sphere of influence if we can just believe and let God guide our paths and direct our words.  We may not be able to inspire a City of Enoch or a Zarahemla, but we can inspire such a family, such a Primary Class, or Sunday School Class.  I'm feel impressed to watch King Benjamin very closely this time around and see if I can recognize clues as to how he did it. 

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di said...

14 For I say unto you, that if he had not extended his arm in the preservation of our fathers they must have fallen into the hands of the Lamanites, and become victims to their hatred.

This makes me ponder and wonder how many times in my own life I have been ‘preserved’ by the hand of the Lord, physically, spiritually, emotionally. I know his hand has been constantly in my life.