Friday, July 23, 2010

Alma - Chapter 44

I couldn't help but wonder about these Lamanite warriors who made an oath to not take up arms against the Nephites ever again.  Did they keep the oath.  I have a hunch that many of not most of Lehonti and his army, as described in Chapter 47, we among those who made this oath.  They were clearly afraid to go to war and determined not to.  Even so, treachery, deceit, carelessness prevailed and back to battle they went.

I just have this feeling today, that I need to remember this story, for someday circumstances might sneak through my back door and, if I'm not careful, trick me into breaking my resolve.

It is interesting that Zarahemna was initially unwilling to make a covenant he knew he wouldn't keep.  Yet, later, under fear of certain death, he made it.  I wonder what be came of him.  I wonder if he honored that covenant?   Did he keep that oath?  Did his warriors?  I hope so.  Violating covenants is no small thing.

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