Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alma - Chapter 45

I love being in a meeting or other gathering and having someone ask, "Who will....?"  Most of the time someone will invariably raise a hand and say, "I will."  I don't think there are many more beautiful phrases in the English language than that one, "I will."  It is spoken by someone who senses that he has something to offer, that he has confidence in that ability.  It comes from a person who realizes that he possesses free will and is able to exercise that will to the benefit of others.  It is an expression of humility and gratitude suggesting that the volunteer recognizes the blessings he's been given and feels privileged to share them with others.  Here is a person who in some way asks himself, "If not me, who?"  "If not now, when?"  He is the person who like Helaman, (see verse 7) can be trusted with bearing off the Kingdom triumphant.  He is a person who emulates the Savior, who was the first to volunteer and not only showed us the way, but ensured that we could choose it.

This person can be found in your Ward.  Watch for him.  Watch him.  He is as likely to be a she.  He might be you.

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