Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alma - Chapter 48

The contrast between Moroni and Amalekiah is quite remarkable.  Who wouldn't rather be like Moroni.  Clearly, there is joy in serving other sand none in serving one's self.  Both men seem to understand the power of words.  Both devoted a good deal of time to teaching.  One's aim was freedom and individual choice, the other's to influence and control the minds of his subjects.  One taught the people to put their trust in God, who would warn them as to what they should do.  The other taught that they should trust him.  One taught his people to love, the other taught his people to hate.  One represented God and the other represented Satan.  Oh, that all our leaders were like Moroni.  Indeed the very powers of hell would be shaken.  We are a free people, we must seek such leaders and choose and follow them.

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