Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alma - Chapter 46

I really had not previously paid attention to the significant comparison in this chapter between Captain Moroni's rent coat and Joseph's.  Couple that with the added significance that these Nephites, were without doubt the remnant of Joseph spoken of as Jacob observed that a remnant of Joseph's coat had not decayed.  And I think it to be a singular story that is really quite remarkable!

A significant part of Moroni's appeal to rally the people to the Standard of Liberty was the inherent reminder of who they are.  "Remember who you are," our parents used to tell us as we headed out the door.  Here Captain Moroni is saying the same thing.  Our doing so makes all the difference in the depth of our courage, the breadth of our faith, the length of our vision and the blessedness of the outcome of our adventures.  We, like the Nephites are also descended of Joseph.  We have, bred into us, the capacity to choose well, to rise above affliction, and to lead the world in righteousness.  When we think of the Title of Liberty, we might also think of the banner of freedom beneath which we abide and also remember who we are.

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