Friday, July 30, 2010

Alma - Chapter 51

It is pretty rare that a nation has been destroyed from with out without a significant weakening from with in.  God intended for us to have governments, laws, order.  When we live righteously and our government is used for the benefit of all, we prosper.  When factions in the government or populace begin to seek special favors or powers not available to the rest, such corruption is bound to weaken the whole.  So it was with the Nephites.  So it is with us.  Can you think of situations where one group has benefits from our nation that are not available to all?  So can I.  These are the Kingmen among us.  These are they who by their pursuit of personal rather than collective interests are weakening us from within.  As Freemen we would do well to thwart the evil designs of such men among us.

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