Saturday, November 7, 2009

1 Nephi - Chapter 22

Here in Utah I hear way too much talk of arming ourselves and preparing for battle.  While I suppose there may be some call for that; I have yet to hear the prophet ask us to do anything besides store food, water a fuel and even more important - keep the commandments or in other words prepare spiritually.  Never to my knowledge has he ever asked us to cache weapons and ammunition.  This chapter makes it plain that the Great and Abominable church will destroy itself.  It is already doing so.  It is a dog eat dog world, but the righteous are not dogs and need not fear.

A dear friend of mine came to my home in a state of terror.  She had been to someone's apartment where a drug transaction went violent.  Guns were brandished, fists were thrown, threats were spewed and fear was experienced.  All this transpired just a few blocks from my home.  I realized then, that this sweet person was experiencing a life I had no exposure to.  While it could spill over into the lives of innocents nearby, it seldom does.  Hanging around in Babylon, one has barbaric experiences.  Hanging around in Zion one feels safe and blessed.  This is not mere happenstance, not according to Nephi.


di said...

Great thoughts, Candleman...

my thoughts...
The steps are simple –Primary steps –
Turn to the Lord
“He shall feed his sheep, and in Him they shall find pasture.”
“People shall dwell safely in the Holy One of Israel”

There is the promise of peace here. I used to think it was a physical safety from ‘harm and accident’ but I have come to believe that it is a spiritual safety. If I die today from “harm or accident” and I have TRIED to live righteously – I will dwell safely in the Holy One of Israel.

D1Warbler said...

I took a wonderful class on Revelations a few years ago. The result of that was that now when I consider all the difficult things that are to transpire as the Second Coming approaches, I remember that I know how it all turns out!