Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Nephi - Chapter 11

I love how Nephi emphasizes that all things given of God typify of Christ.  The Book of Mormon cites a few examples, the brazen serpent Moses placed upon a pole for instance.  The most poignant, for me, however, was the one James L. Ferrell pointed out in his wonderful book The Peacegiver.  If you've read it, you'll know whereof I speak.  If not I'd love to invite you read the 25th Chapter of 1 Samuel and see if you can see it for yourself.  I don't think I would have seen it.  Clearly the one time I had previously read that chapter, I totally missed how the story was a brilliant type of Christ.  Ferrell's examination of one chapter has inspired me to watch carefully for other instances of such precious gifts from God that I may, in fact probably, have missed.

Then, again, Nephi encourages us to liken the scriptures unto ourselves.  This too is a marvelous method for personal discovery and revelation as we read the scriptures.  Some of the war chapters have been so personally inspiring for me.  I'll share some of that when we get there.  But suffice it for me to say that there are often multiple meanings and precious gifts prepared by our Father for those of us willing to ask the two great study questions Nephi suggests:  How does this typify or testify of Christ?  How can I liken this story or doctrine to myself?

I served my Mission in a largely Catholic country.  The people had been taught that only the Priest should interpret the scriptures.  How wonderful it is that God trusts us enough to invite us to seek his messages; personal messages that pertain, perhaps only to us individually, which can and are discovered when seeking earnestly and by pondering in companionship with the Spirit.


di said...

4 Behold, my soul delighteth

I love this phrase. I could also list the many ways my soul delighteth.
My soul delighteth in the scriptures
My soul delighteth in the Gospel
My soul delighteth in my Jesus
My soul delighteth in repentance
My soul delighteth in my weaknesses that turns me to Him.
My soul delighteth in my NEED for my Savior.
Behold, my soul delighteth…

D1Warbler said...

One of my favorite symbols in the scriptures is the brazen Serpent on the pole. (Or as I often less reverently call it, the "Serpent on the Stick"!)

Regardless of what we call the symbol, the meaning of it -- To always remember to "look up (to Christ) and live" is essential to our salvation as well as to our exaltation.