Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 Nephi - Chapter 18

"...this people refuseth the waters of Shiloah that go softly..."

It's the same scenario played out so many times among the children of Abraham; choosing what seems expedient over that which requires faith.  It doesn't make sense to the natural man to accept God's plan so we manufacture one of our own.  From the perspective of God and the prophets, the choice is easy, but from that of weak mortals, it's just too scary.

I love a book by Rachel Naomi Remen, called My Grandfather's Blessings.  In one chapter her Grandfather teaches her about Moses delivering Israel from Egypt.  He explains that after Pharaoh finally lets them go, Moses approaches the Children of Israel and explains that they are free to leave.  They tell Moses that they don't want to go.  Rachel then asks her Grandfather why they don't want to go.  "Wouldn't the rather choose freedom over bondage?"  Her grandfather then taught a very important lesson we all must learn.  He said, "The choice is never between bondage and freedom, it is between bondage and the unknown."  Our reluctance to partake of the living water and to do things the Lord's way requires faith.  It requires that we step out of our comfort zones, give control to God and surrender our will to His.  Had Isaiah been able to persuade Israel to do this, they would have been protected and prospered.  I have learned that such waters do indeed go softly, but first we must believe and trust.

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