Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 Nephi - Chapter 8

There may be no more comforting chapter in all of scripture, in terms of promises to the Saints of the Latter-days.  Here God, himself promises to care for his people.  He asks us to remember who we are and where we come from.  He reminds us that we are His and that He will protect us.  Then He begs us to get up from the filth of our lives and be loosed from the bands of captivity.

Now, you may think me a bit provincial in this, but I think an enormous part of what God is calling for is for us to shed the bonds of addiction.  If you listen carefully to General Conference, you will note that addiction is a frequent focus of emphasis by the Prophet and the 12.  There is a reason for this.  Addiction is rampant in the church.  For every brother or sister I see attending the LDS Addiction Recovery Program, I am aware of several, who are addicted, but who do not attend.  Pride, fear, and ignorance keep many more away that the few who humble themselves sufficiently to seek help. 

Addiction in its many forms is one of Satan's greatest weapons and with it he is currently sweeping the earth.  As we "hearken" and "follow after righteousness;" as we remember "Lord thy maker, that hath stretched forth the heavens;" as we rely on He who drank the "dregs of the cup of trembling wrung out;" we will surely rise above the chains of Satan's captivity.

This chapter seems to speak to me and so many others who are "afflicted, and drunken, and not (merely) with wine."  It is a call for us to shake off the chains with which we are bound and put on the strength of the Master.

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di said...

Thank you so much for this interpretation. It speakes to me.

The Lord needs us to unchain ourselves from sin, from bondage, from addiction, from discouragement, from the tepid state we are in. We need to rise to the occasion and quit making excuses. There is no should…there is only must. Our very lives, our salvation depends upon it. Fear and distrust are great tools of Satan. Calmness, Faith and trust are power from the Lord.

I must start from the place where I stand. I can move forward today in some way….I can.