Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ether - Chapter 1

So, why were they building the Tower of Babel anyway?  The book of Jasher (which I realize is not canonized scripture) suggests there were three reasons.  Some people, like Nimrod wanted to assault Heaven, slay God and take over.  Other's wanted to go to Heaven but didn't want to keep the commandments - cheaters.  Then, there were those who seemed willing to keep the commandments but wanted an insurance policy in case God's plan didn't work.  Makes sense to me.  In other words, everybody wants to go to Heaven, but they want to do it on their own terms rather than God's.  How about us?  Do we want to set the terms and conditions of our salvation; or a we willing to utterly and completely trust God and His terms and conditions.

Now this chapter uses the word wrath to describe Heavenly Father's response.  Is it any wonder?  After all He has done, after all He has sacrificed, will we reject it in favor of some lame, senseless, ridiculous, artificial approach?  Still, he loves us and tries to change our direction because He wants us back, all of us.

He confounded their efforts.  What does it tell us when He confounds ours?

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