Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moroni - Chapter 3

I was hitch hiking back during my college days and was given a ride by a prominent TV evangelist.  I asked him about his calling to the ministry and he told me this story:

He'd been out camping and got lost in the woods.  It became dark and stumbling though the woods, he tripped and fell.  He put out his arms to catch himself but his arms never made contact with the ground, only his stomach and chest.  He'd fallen at the edge of a precipice and  had very nearly gone over.  I asked him what that had to do with his call to the ministry.  He was appalled at my question, like it was obvious that he'd been "tripped of Jesus."  Apparently he thought the Lord had tripped him in order to save his life and had interpreted that to mean he'd been called to deliver God's word.

The Lord may very well have tripped my friend to save his life.  But this chapter makes it plain that God calls his servants by a much less ambiguous means.  How grateful I am that the Priesthood is upon the earth and appropriately vested in worthy servants of the God.

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