Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mormon - Chapter 6

The first time I read Mormon's cry, "O ye fair ones," I wept.  I was 14 and was approaching the end of my first reading of The Book of Mormon.  I had grown to love the Nephites.  Many had become my heroes.  I had been thrilled at the peace, love and prosperity they had experienced after giving their hearts to Christ upon his arrival on this continent.  My heart broke as I witnessed their destruction.  That process was blessed because that was also the moment that I knew The Book of Mormon was true.  I knew that their lives mattered.  I knew that their Father in Heaven loved them and wept as well.  I knew that the horrible price they paid was a result of their own choices.  I shuddered at their dread and hopelessness.

I have made a lot of poor choices since then.  I have spent years and years in the bondage of addiction.  I have struggled with my desires and my doubts and most of all my fears.  Even so, I have never doubted the verity of the experience I had on that day, which first affirmed to me that what I was reading was true and of God.  So many times I might have given up had it not been for that glorious affirmation.  I might have rejected some points of the gospel, but I could never deny that The Book of Mormon was true.  Through it all, the story of the Nephites, their travail and triumph, magnificence and tragedy were an anchor in the storms of my own life.  I have read it dozens and dozens of times since then and continued to learn and gain insight, but I am no more certain of its truthfulness today than I was all those years ago.

Thank God that despite my problems, sins and weakness, I was able to hear the voice of the Spirit whisper that sweet assurance to my heart, "It is true."

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