Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ether - Chapter 10

This chapter contains a neat manifestation of how the Lord anticipates and prepares all things for the benefit of His children.  The record states that the poisonous serpents in the Land Southward were destroyed and also that the Jaredites preserved that land as a hunting reserve.  It seems clear to me that God was preparing that land for the Lehites to arrive in an unspoiled land, kept separate from the Jaredites and for sometime, kept apart from the influence they would surely have had on them.

I believe that God is intimately involved in the process of our spiritual education here in the earth.  There is abundant evidence of this if we will but look.  This week my sweet, righteous Mother-in-law passed away.  Her ordeal seemed to go unreasonably long.  We prayed and prayed that she might pass more quickly, with less suffering.  Looking back though, we realize that had she passed even one hour sooner, we'd have missed out on some of the most wonderful blessings of our lives.  A loving Heavenly Father knew perfectly, what He needed for all of us, not just for Mom.  It is always better when we submit to His will, for he knows the end from the beginning.

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