Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mormon - Chapter 9

The chapter heading says:  Moroni calls upon those who do not believe in Christ to repent.  This and Moroni's word in the text seem to indicate that unbelief is a deliberate choice.  This fascinates me.

I once had a friend who declined my invitation to read The Book of Mormon with these words, "If I read it, I'll find out its true and if that happens I'll have to change the way I'm living and I'd rather not do that; so I think I'll pass."  In the end I guess we'll all be judged for our honesty.  I wonder how many people out there know they haven't got it right and are making no honest effort to make the changes, or seek the truth, or attempt to discover God.  Referring to Christ John wrote:
9 That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.  (John 1:9)
The light of Christ is given to every single one of us.  Can it be that Moroni is telling us that if we follow that light in honest, earnest effort it will always lead us to the Savior?  I think it will.  Now there are certainly those, who following that light in periods of darkness on the earth might not have found him in their life-time; but that honest pursuit of truth and righteous living, inspired by the Light of Christ will still lead him to Christ in the Spirit World. Consider this from Doctrine and Covenants 123:

 12 For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties, and denominations, who are blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, whereby they lie in wait to deceive, and who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it— 
 13 Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven—
 14 These should then be attended to with great earnestness.
 15 Let no man count them as small things; for there is much which lieth in futurity, pertaining to the saints, which depends upon these things.
Certainly, we need to work hard to help them find the truth and surely we can speed up the process for them. But this chapter seems to put more onus each individual to earnestly seek the Lord.  Naturally, I must now wonder if I too am too comfortable just where I am and still have some seeking to do.  I know I have found the true church.  I know I have discovered the true and living God.  I just wonder if I have sought to eliminate distractions and obstructions from my view of the truth and from my relationship with my Jesus.

Why not?
  21 Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth.

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