Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moroni - Chapter 1

It appears that at the end of The Book of Mormon, the distinction between Nephite and Lamanite may have less to do with blood lines and more to do with choices.  If that is true Nephi might not be bereft of of descendants in America today.  In fact the likelihood seems far greater than I expected.

Even prophetic Moroni was not shown the future as pertains to his own life.  Here he had supposed he'd be dead before an opportunity arose to write more.  I for one am thankful that I have no certain knowledge about what tomorrow might bring.  That lack of information is a far bigger blessing than it is a hindrance.  I remember reading my grandmother's journal.  One day I read of a family reunion during which my grandfather and his siblings had gathered from far and wide.  They had the most wonderful time.  Had they known that one of them would die the next day, their time together would have been one of mourning, rather than celebration.  There would be time enough to mourn.  Tomorrow.

Additionally, I think there is a special virtue in hope.  If we knew our own ends hope would be destroyed.  So would surprise!  What fun would life be without surprise?

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