Monday, October 25, 2010

Ether - Chapter 15

It appears that the demise of the Jaredites was as much about choosing up sides as anything.  Both sides were wicked.  Each side blamed the other.  You can be certain that in Shiz's camp you could hear angry murmuring to the effect that if it wasn't for Coriantumr and his cronies this wouldn't have to happen.  The same thing in reverse was happening over in Coriantumr's camp.  What would have happened if the people refused to choose up sides, refused to sustain either Shiz or Coriantumr?  The two may have gone on fighting, but the war would have ceased and order might have been restored.

From where I sit, both sides in America are wicked too.  I get "conservative" email forwards almost every day that are filled with inflammatory lies.  I my friend down the road complains of the same thing from among his more extreme liberal friends.  We are being torn apart by extremists who are trying to get us to choose up sides, make enemies of our fellow countrymen and in the end, I suspect, who will attempt to get us to destroy one another.

The only solution, individually and collectively is to serve the God of this land.  Otherwise, he has promised our destruction.  I think the supposition that one or other side of the political spectrum is more closely aligned with the gospel is false.  They are both wrong.  I suspect the time to enter the fray with the hopes of changing one of the sides, has passed.  In my view, the only hope we have lies in the preaching of the everlasting Gospel of Christ to every man woman and child in the land.  We can no longer hope to legislate ourselves out of our mess.  It has become time to change hearts by the word.  That's where I intend to focus my efforts.

America's problems are not confined to her leadership.  Our leadership only reflects the fabric of the selfish, materialistic and corrupt way in which we individually live our lives.

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