Friday, January 1, 2010

Mosiah - Chapter 11

I think we are in a similar situation.  When the US Congress lives by different laws, enjoys a lavish retirement from which the rest of the population is excluded, enjoys health care benefits we are excluded from, can and do raise their own wages, it all sounds very much like what is described in this chapter.  They have collectively set themselves apart from their constituents and made themselves elite.

There remains much to be praised about this country and I continue to be optimistic about our future, but this corruption is tainting or legislative process and is a principle part of the decline in our collective prosperity and righteousness.  We need to be aware of the corrupting influence such leaders can have and the story of King Noah is very instructive in that regard. 

To a degree, Americans have already been led into bondage and I believe that as Chapter 7 pointed out, there is only one way out of it.  And that is not by the shedding of blood.  Unless you count the blood of Christ, which was shed that we might turn to Him and be forgiven of our sins, so He can deliver us.

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