Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mosiah - Chapter 12

Abinadai must have been very uncomfortable with deception for as soon as his disguise got him inside the city, he declared who he really was.  Not quite the Scarlet Pimpernell here.

I looks to me like the Priests considered themselves to be "beautiful upon the mountains."  They wanted to feel justified as they "break forth into joy."  They obviously, thought such things were to be had without appropriate living.  They were living the high life and had used their success, rather than their deeds, as the measuring stick of their lives.

I guess Heavenly Father allows us to so deceive ourselves for a while, but in the end we have to learn of our foolishness.  Satan is quite capable of so lying to us, but he doesn't support his followers.  In fact, no doubt, he laughed when Noah's life was indeed valued as a garment in a flame of fire.

Amos tells us that surely the Lord God will do nothing save he reveals it to his servants the prophets.  God is about to do something both horrible and beneficial to the people of Noah.  Consequently, He sends a prophet.  There is no doubt that Abinadai went willing about his task.  Shall I not follow his example and go willingly about that which God has called me to do.  Regardless of the consequences.

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