Monday, January 4, 2010

Mosiah - Chapter 14

It is not remarkable to me that Abinadai selected these verses for Isaiah to declare the coming Christ.  What is remarkable is that George Friderick Handel did.  I cannot read these verses without hearing the majesty of Handel's music accompanying it.  I wonder if, prophetically, Isaiah was able to hear the masterpiece of music that would one day accompany his poetic and prophetic words?  How about Abinadai?  I am so very thankful that such has been my blessing.  We often talk of Luther, Tyndale, Calvin and others who were instrumental in preparing the earth for the restoration.  I think Handel's name should be included.  He was clearly inspired.

Perhaps Isaiah's prophecy is easier to understand after the fact than before.  Still Abiniadai had no doubt as to the meaning of these marvelous words.  Too bad they were wasted on all but one of his audience.  Then, one was enough, wasn't it. 

I know my personal problems arise when I, like a sheep, turn to my own way, rather than that of the Lord.  How grateful I am that He is willing to seek me out and bring me back to His fold.

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Lynn said...

Like you, I cannot read those verses in Isaiah without hearing the music. How thankful I am for those among us who use their talents to lift and bless others.