Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mosiah - Chapter 24

I'd rather focus today upon cheerfully bearing our burdens and not so much upon being delivered from them.

I expect that we don't really get fully released from burden while in this life.  I loved it when President Hinckley observed that "the so called golden years are sometimes laced with lead."  There was a man who bore his burdens cheerfully.  I am so grateful for his vivid and consistent example in that regard.  I currently have a Stake President who is very much the same way.  Everyone loves serving with him.  He is always of good cheer not matter how dismal the burden may seem to others.  Such cheer is contagious.  I wonder if any of the cheerfulness of the people of Alma rubbed off on the Lamanites and Amulonites.  Probably not.  In fact it probably irked them to no end that these people seemed happy, when they themselves were not.

I think real cheerfulness is of necessity only available to one who is living righteously.

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di said...

I woke up feeling kind of gloomy, then I read your bit about cheerfulness and wondered if gloominess was a sign of unrighteousness...