Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mosiah - Chapter 17

I think it is interesting that Abinadi prophesies that the Priests' descendants with be believers.  I wonder if that reached their hearts at all.  Perhaps that was of great comfort to their wives who would soon be abandoned by them.

I would love to know more about Abinadi and his life.  He was probably somebody's husband, father, grandfather.  I expect he was a good sweet man in his private life.  I hope to meet him some day and find out more about him.  His tragic death is a reminder that life is not all peaches and cream.  I know he went on happily to a great reward.  I know that his conversion of Alma made his calling and death among the most significant events of The Book of Mormon.  I accept him as a great prophet.  Yet we know so little about his history.  I'd like to know what refined him, prepared him, comforted him.  I'll bet it is a wonderful story.

We are probably not told his story, because these few chapters are not about Abinadi they are about wickedness and it's consequences.  They are about the Savior and his divine mission.  They are about obedience.  Abinadi's life was not a tragedy but rather a triumph.  The tragedy lies in the lost and corrupted lives of Noah and his Priests.


di said...

This is incomprehensible to me. The pain of being burned to death is more that I can even think about. Death would be such a relief. How could one human do this to another?

Love Life and Learning said...

Abinadi was truly a prophet. While teaching Seminary I was taught through the Spirit that every word that Abinadi prophecied came to pass. It appears that even Alma and his people who repented of their sins and were baptized experienced the prophecy found in Mosiah chapter 11:20-21 &23 because they did not hear the word of the prophet and heed it within the time frame. Mosiah 12:1-2. Alma's people avoided the second prophecy because of their change of heart. Mosiah 12:8