Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mosiah - Chapter 22

This culminates a wonderful story that I've been paralleling with recovery from addiction.  In the end every addict must be willing to do anything that is required in order to become free from the bondage he is in.  That may mean enormous sacrifice, mortifying humiliation, a complete change of life style or location, even consequences such as imprisonment or divorce.  It is miraculous how many people I've seen do this.  When we are driven to our extremity, when we have no place else to turn, finally we are willing to say to God, "No matter what Thou should ask, no matter how long the journey, no matter how great the cost, I will do as Thou dost command."  This level of humility goes beyond how we typically define humility - teachable.  It is a level that could be acquired without affliction, but seldom seems to be.

Most of us, to some degree, have a sense of entitlement to our possessions, personal preferences, lifestyles and locations.  So it was with the people of Zeniff, from the beginning of their history.  It is the reason they moved back to their homeland in the first place.  In the end, that, or the pride it represented, was the very thing the Lord required of them.

I can't help but wonder where Satan was during this escape.  Surely, he was in a dither at losing these people from his grasp.  Must he not have been shouting in the Lamanite's  ears, "Don't drink that wine!"  "Not now!"  Yet he had corrupted his minions sufficiently that they couldn't even respond to their master.  Metaphorically speaking, I think this little incident is precient of the demise of Satan's kingdom.  It is why he can never be victorious.  He isn't building anything.  All he knows how to do is tear things and people down.  Selfishness, pride and entitlement are the cornerstones of his kingdom, hence loyalty, obedience and humility are not to be found amongst his forces.  I suspect that in the end, his minions, at least those in their Second estate will abandon him, either to the other side, or to their own selfish motivations.

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