Monday, September 6, 2010

3 Nephi - Chapter 10

The Lord is not about keeping us in the dark.  Light and truth are His hallmarks.  So, while the survivors of the terrible destruction in America, following the crucifixion of the Savior, were given light; the light they were given was in the form of instruction and assurance.  Physically, they yet remained in the darkness, but spiritually they were being taught and their minds enlightened.  After the voice of Christ gave them a pretty full account of what was going on, the people were given time to ponder what they'd been told.

I suppose this quiet time was cathartic and beneficial.  These people individually and collectively had some monumental circumstances to contemplate and absorb.  It looks to me like the Lord was careful not to overwhelm them, but rather wanted to give them time to consider and process all that had suddenly changed in their lives.

I think I can learn something from this.  Too often, I am charging from one activity to the next.  It is vital to stop now and then to process what is happening.  This life was intended to be instructive through the processes of the experiences I have.  If I don't stop long enough to consider what is being taught me I might just miss the whole point.  That is why writing is so helpful to me.  It forces me to take the time to make some sense of the experience I am having.  If I had not written this entry this morning, for example, I would not have seen what I've just described for having merely read the words.

We are given time to consider, to ponder, let's give it the priority in requires so we can discover the meaning in our lives.

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