Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Nephi - Chapter 7

God institutes governments for the benefit of man.  He most certainly instituted the government established by King Mosiah.  Now, after about 100 years, that government meets its demise.  How sad.  For selfishness we destroy what we might enjoy.  Isn't that the definition of insanity?  Repeatedly we see such insanity in the history of the Nephites.  As the Savior so carefully tried to teach us; if we seek our lives we'll lose them, yet if we lose them in the service of others we gain them.  Looking at their stories through Mormon's lens we can see that so very plainly.  Why is it that we can't see it in ourselves?

May I suggest that we each put on Mormon's lens and take a look at ourselves.  What are our collective motives?  Do they have to do with what's best for ourselves or what is best for others?  Are our rallying cries motivated by selfish concerns or are they motivated by the benefit of the whole?  Is greed a stronger incentive than kindness?  Is power and distinction a greater concern than unity and general prosperity?  Have we given up on God and concluded that to have what we want we must go out and obtain it for ourselves?  These are questions we can ask collectively.  More importantly though, they are questions we must ask ourselves individually.  If all we want is to take care of me and mine our system is doomed to the same demise the Nephites suffered.

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