Sunday, September 26, 2010

3 Nephi - Chapter 30

In my youth we never dreamed there'd be a Temple in Kiev in our lifetime!

It is easy to suppose that the world is going to hell in a hand basket.  Don't you suppose there were those who thought the same thing just before the arrival of the Lord in America?  Of course they did, probably not in those terms.  I'll never forget when Mike Wallace asked that question to President Hinckley in an interview and then got the Prophet's positive response.  Later, President Hinckley quoted Mr. Wallace's question and then jokingly said, "His words, not mine."

The previous two chapters made reference to the "doings of the Lord."  It is critical that we not discount the doings of the Lord in our day.  He is going to see to it that political boundaries are torn down.  He is going to see to it that unsurmountable obstacles are surmounted.  Our job is to do the same thing Mormon is here commanded to do.  To preach the gospel in all the world!  God will take care of the rest.  Further, I don't think we need to get all worked up about he places we can't yet go.  We're not doing an adequate job of sharing the gospel in the places we can go.  Let us be about doing what we can and let the Lord take care of the rest.

This is not just an international issue either.  There are individuals in our lives who are out in the cold.  Some of them are behind walls of protection from the judgmental and manipulative actions of others.  Walls that are every bit as formidable as those defending countries.  God is tearing down those walls as well.  Let us cease being judges of those not like ourselves and instead determine to be found inviting them to come unto Christ.

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