Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 Nephi - Chapter 27

It seems significant that in this chapter word write or its counter part written appears seven times and eight times in the previous chapter.  Then the Lord indicates that the Father writes.  I take it to be a pretty strong hint that we ought to be writing.

I hope you think it not too bold of me to mention that the majority of the revelation I receive, comes while writing.  I do not declare myself to be the prophet, but it is not too bold, I think to suggest that I frequently receive revelation.  I think the Saints are called upon to seek and receive revelation and can bear testimony to the fact that it comes in abundance.  Having made the discovery that it comes most abundantly when I write, I am inclined to write often - in Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School, Priesthood Meeting, while reading the scriptures or even while reading a novel.  I write when I have questions and often the answers are given to me.

When I was first coming out of addiction I wrote then too.  I wrote what I was thinking in my sick condition.  Much of what I wrote was garbage.  Seeing my thoughts on paper made that fact apparent in a starting way.  Conversely, truth, seen on paper is viewed with greater clarity as well.

My advice?  Join me and write.  Join me and read what is written.  We will be better people for having done so.

Verse 33 says:
"broad the way which leads to death, and many there be that travel therein, until the night cometh, wherein no man can work."
I might add, wherein to man can write.  I think I've mentioned before that I subscribe to John Lund's description of Hell as God's Alternative High School.  It might be tougher to go to school if we had no books or pencils and paper.  We have the advantage over those in Hell, largely because we can work, write, read, serve, study things, it appears those in captivity cannot enjoy.  There they must utterly rely upon the Atonement of Christ for their salvation for they cannot work.

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