Friday, September 24, 2010

3 Nephi - Chapter 28

How wonderful, the choice that the 3 Nephites and John the Beloved made.  How selfless and blessed their choice.  I should like to have a similar assignment.  While I think it would really be neat to stick around and watch the history of the world unfold even until the end and the Second Coming, I have a different inclination.

I have served in a ministerial capacity in either the County Jail or the local Juvenile Detention Center for a total of over ten years.  These people have taken the broad road into captivity spoken of in the previous chapter.  They are precious children of their Father in Heaven, who loves them.  He allows His spirit to attend them in abundance while behind bars.  Most of them are they because they have not found God.  Most have never even be informed that He exists; at least not in any meaningful way.  They are there for lack of knowledge resulting in lack of faith.  Many, once taught, begin to grow the seed of faith and its swelling, sprouting, growing a fruit bearing are a wonder to behold in their lives.  I love working with them.

I suppose that laboring in Spirit Prison will not be all that different than working in mortal prison.  I hope, when I leave this Second Estate to again have the privilege of laboring in prison among those who are held captive beyond the veil.  So blessed and privileged am I to labor among these precious souls that my heart yearns to be among them and to share the blessed love of Christ with them.  There, in that spirit realm, if I am asked a similar question to the one the Lord posed to his disciples in this chapter; I will seek to be permitted to tarry.  I'd like to continue sharing the message of salvation until it has sounded in every ear, even in the spirit world.  There, I'd like to be the last one out of hell.  I don't want to leave before the blessing of salvation has been shared with prison's last resident.

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