Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Nephi - Chapter 17

I remember during the darkest days of my life, during a time when depression and sin had me in a strangle hold, at a time when I had fled to the desert in hopes of running away from my problems; I was given a vision.  In my vision I saw three friends on their knees praying for me.  I was, at that time, serving as Branch Clerk in the Detention Center Branch of the Church.  So often, during presidency meetings, I had heard my brethren pray with faith for the wonderful youth at the Detention Center.  I knew that God heard and answered those prayers. For that reason, I also knew, that in my own hour of need, my good brethren were praying, in faith, for me.

That thought, that vision, changed everything for me.

As I read today's chapter and read about Jesus praying for the Nephites, I came to realize that Jesus also prays for us.  He is our advocate before the throne of God.  He prays for us.  I am certain that His prayers are heard and are answered.  I am certain that His prayers are for our good and blessing.  Like my vision of days gone by, I feel a renewed sense of hope and promise today, because I know Jesus prays for me.

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