Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 Nephi - Chapter 26

In verse eleven the Lord tells Mormon, "I will try the faith of my people."  At this point one would expect a dsiappointed "Aw" from the audience.  That is, unless they understand the Plan of Salvation.  It is a blessing to be required to exercise our faith.  It is after all the reason we came to the earth in the first place.

So often in today's world we tend toward leaning upon the arm of the flesh.  We buy insurance, put away savings, build strong houses equipped with smoke detectors, dead bolts and security systems.  All in a world that was designed to be insecure so that we would develop faith in Jesus Christ.  It is foolish to expect that our faith will not be tried.  It is also foolish to think that God would be indifferent to our efforts to provide security for ourselves.  He would be cheating us of the full value of our mortal experience if He did.  He would also be cheating us of a sense of His goodness and the precious experience of the same.  That is, if He let us go on in the delusion that we can take care of ourselves with out His grace and intervention.

How grateful I am for the trials of my faith.  How blessed I feel that through those trial I've discovered Him and His great love for me, who He watches over in intimate detail.  The same can be said of all of us, but if we have not yet discovered Him, through faith, we might well expect some trials.

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