Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alma - Chapter 53

As we observe the pride cycle repeated over and over in The Book of Mormon we sometimes find ourselves shaking our heads in wonder about the Nephites.  The fact that many wavered, dissented and otherwise let pride rule their lives in well documented.  Still, it is very apparent, that while all suffered because of those who strayed, there were also many who remained faithful, humble, valiant and true.

This chapter seems to me to be a tribute to those who remained righteous.  They did so under great duress and grave danger.  They did so in at great sacrifice.  They must have been extraordinarily faithful.  I think the most telling of the evidences is their willingness to defend the people of Ammon who were Lamanites.  This was a time when it would have been easy to be prejudiced against Lamanites.  Yet living among them were a large population of Lamanites that these Nephites defended at the peril of their own lives.  Even when the people of Ammon offered to break their covenant and take up arms to assist in the defense of their country these marvelous people said no, insisting that the Ammonites keep their covenants with the Lord.

Additionally, these are people who were forced to stand up to Nephites who had dissented from among them.  How many difficult decisions had they made?  How many people who had worshiped along side them, been members of their families, married their own sons and daughters had chosen wrongly and had now become mortal enemies?

I can only admire their courage, tenacity and faith.  It must have been difficult to stand against the wind of affliction in a storm such as this, but stand they did.

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