Monday, August 2, 2010

Alma - Chapter 54

If the history of the Nephite/Lamanite wars had been written by the Lamanites it would have been entirely different.  That is evident as we see Captain Moroni's views of the conflict when compared with Ammoron's view.  Clearly, in this story it is evident that Moroni's view is honest and accurate while his opponent is trying to spin the facts to his own advantage.  Nevertheless, if the only account we had of this story came from Ammoron, we might have a totally different understanding of the account.

I'm confident Moroni's account is true because of the promise of Moroni 10:4 wherein we're given the invitation of check the book's veracity directly with the Lord.  While, it would be unlikely that Ammoron would have included such a promise in his account, the promise remains true.  Each of us could examine that account equally well by approaching God in prayer, "with a sincere heart" and asking God if it's true.  Whereby we might know for ourselves that it is not.  This is a vital concept in today's world.  History is being written, rewritten even reinvented all the time.  When we are taught things in today's more secular books, news and other media, even there we may, through prayer and discernment, know the truth of all things.

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