Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Helaman - Chapter 14

Prophet after prophet in The Book of Mormon and yet the message is the same - faith and repentance.  Why are we so slow to accept the fact Jesus is the way, the only way?  Why to mortal men continue to seek happiness and salvation in other ways?  It just fills my heart with sorrow that we, including myself, waste so much of our lives in selfish fruitless pursuits that yield nothing by heartache and sorrow.

The message of salvation is so beautiful, so joyous and yet we persist in doing things the hard way.  Repentance is such a wonderful gift, as are it's resulting blessings.  I hope there were some in Samuel's audience who had ears to hear.  As I read his teachings in my heart the words of the old Testament echoed in my heart, "how long I have gathered you as a hen gathered her chickens and ye would not."  What a bunch of dumb clucks we are.  And yet, "his hand is stretched out still."  Still, the prophets beckon us to come partake of the waters of life and for the most part, we will not.  Just like the Nephites we are ripening for destruction.  Just like the Nephites we are too caught up in the things of this world.  Just like the Nephites we are seeing and anticipating signs and wonders that indicate His coming.  Just like the Nephites, I'm concerned that we will not heed the warnings and invitations of the prophets until it is too late and that long period of destruction and darkness awaits.

While the time frame of five years may not apply directly, everything else Samuel declared from the walls of Zarahemla, have direct and literal application in our lives today.  Will we shoot arrows and throw stones or will we, finally, come unto Christ and the shelter of His wings.

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