Sunday, August 22, 2010

Helaman - Chapter 11

It is always pride that takes the Nephites and Lamanites down.  I can't help but wonder about the cycle that took place within this very chapter.  First they were humbled by famine and so they returned to the Lord.  He blessed them and they rejoiced and the church flourished.  Here's where I wonder.  At this point they're doing great, or are they?  Could it be that they are merely going through the motions?  Could it be that they are keeping the commandments, but only a measure to get what they want from God rather than giving God what He wants - their hearts?  Could it be that going through the motions, without completely, humbly, surrendering our will, turns out to be a hollow unsustainable venture?

I think it could.  In fact I think it was so.  I know this from experience.  You see I've had my own pride cycles, throughout my life.  Each time I repented and turned to the Lord by redoubling my efforts; I began to depend upon my efforts, rather than depending upon God.  Depending upon my own efforts, while it may have looked good on paper IE, attendance rolls, etc., was utterly exhausting and ultimately unsustainable, because all it amounted to was pride.  It was the notion that I could save myself.

Since I gave up that notion and began to depend, wholly, upon God; He has sustained me and the cycle has stopped.  Humility is, after all, the fully accepted awareness of our utter dependence upon God.  A dependence that not only includes that which sustains physical life, but spiritual life as well.

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