Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alma - Chapter 56

I love that Helaman "supposed" that God would care for the people of Ammon, as well as the Nephites who cared for them, because the Ammonites were keeping their covenants.  Might we not suppose that God will also care for us when we keep our covenants?

Verse 28 seems to indicate that when the Nephites went off to war they took their wives and children with them.  While, logistically, this must have been enormously difficult, think what it meant for morale.  Even more, when compared to modern experience, think what it mean to morality.  I don't know what policies apply in the current wars.  But WWII, Korea and Vietnam were stained by military assisted prostitution.

How wonderful to thing that though the horror of war was very real for these Nephite soldiers, their families were close by to sustain, support and motivate them in their cause.  Which cause was to defend their homes and families as well as their liberty.  My heart breaks as I see families on TV tearfully sending their heroic husbands, fathers and sons off to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One mother called me recently, full of grief and fear as her son was soon to be deployed to Afghanistan.  She wanted to know if there was church support over there.  I made some phone calls and helped them make some connections.  I was so gratified to discover that the church was strong and widely present in that war zone.  He'll have plenty of support.  Imagine, having your wife and children close by, rather than far away at home.  Of course these days, no husband would want his family in harm's way.  What a blessing it is to have Skype and Oovoo.  Soldiers can talk and look into the loving eyes of their loved ones and express their love frequently from so far away.

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