Friday, August 20, 2010

Helaman - Chapter 9

 These men are they who have murdered the judge, and God has smitten them that they could not flee from us.
This is an interesting statement from verse 8.  Here are people who have rejected Nephi's message, yet still profess to believe in God.  They profess to believe that God punishes the wicked, but somehow seem to excuse themselves.

This is also a common practice today.  So many profess to believe in God while excusing their own wickedness. They seem to think they'll be redeemed in their sins while everyone else will be punished for theirs.  I think reality calls for us to look inside our own selves a lot more and pass judgement upon others a lot less.

While Nephi's prophecy regarding the Chief Judge was enough to turn the tide for some, it is remarkable that many still chose to explain it away.  How blessed are those who in humility are able to admit in the face of truth that they are weak and do err.  How sad for those who won't.

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