Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alma - Chapter 55

I amuses me that Satan is incapable of supporting his own.  He cajoles, entices and tempts but he never helps, even when it might be to his own advantage.  He certainly helped the Lamanites become desperate for alcohol.  He had them convinced that wine would strengthen them.  He had them fully involved in an unholy war in which they were taking innocent lives and casing mayhem and hardship.  He had them set up as lords over a large population of prisoners with every intention of imprisoning the whole Nephite nation.  Satan's plans were working out so well.  Then Laman shows up with a cart load of booze and Satan's followers can't resist.  Surely, Satan could see what was about to happen, but it appears he still couldn't bring himself to warn his minions.  That's the kind of thing the Holy Ghost would do.  Satan couldn't even consider warning his followers, even if it was to his own advantage.  And this is why he can never win, because he destroys everything and everyone he conquers so that in the end he'll be left with nothing.  He is the destroyer and will end up destroying every thing he subjects.

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