Thursday, August 19, 2010

Helaman - Chapter 8

Apparently Nephi wasn't very politically correct as he "spake plainly."  So like often happens these days he got shouted down by those who were desirous to remain in power and who were threatened by the truth.

The truth threatens all who seek to do wickedly and those who seek to stir up anger in the population.  Today we have  those who would stir up anger on both side of the aisle.  I think it might be wise to beware of all of such.  I think it is such a telling thing to realize the level of trust we have for our leaders, no matter which political persuasion.  Most of us are fully aware that our leaders have more political self serving intentions than they have in the interest of the public good.   It follows then, that Nephi's warnings apply today as well.  We, unless we repent must also expect destruction.  The solution to the problem remains the same as well, "look to God and live!"

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