Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alma - Chapter 57

One of the characteristics that distinguished the Stripling Warriors was firmness of mind.  Among the definitional nuances of the word firm, we find the term settle.  The Stripling Warriors had settled the matter, their minds were made up.  They'd decided where they stood and didn't have to waste time making up their minds as each new crisis arose.  Another nuance of firm is strengthen.  As we strengthen our muscles by exercise so might we strengthen our minds.  Do we hit the mental gym often enough to eliminate flab from our minds?  Might we?  Heres another facet of the definition, vigorous.  This implies activity and enthusiasm, these young men had set their minds to something that inspired and invigorated them.  How about steady and steadfast and resolute, or even improve.  All qualities of firmness.  We too, can have firm minds if we settle them on obedience, faith and loyalty.

I can think of no higher praise than to be said to have a firm mind.  I say this being one who has spent the majority of his life with a mind that was mush.

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